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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes healing through the balancing of
the body's energies centers, or chakras.. This is done through laying hands
directly on the body and also above the body in the aura.

The word Reiki is made up of two words: "Rei" means universal or divine;
and "ki" means life energy or source energy. Together, Reiki means
universal life energy or universal source energy.

Reiki works in harmony with the body's natural flow of energy, and either adds to or
balances out the body. When the energy level is low, or blocked, one can feel
sluggish. In this case, Reiki would add energy to the body to bring the energy
level to back to a balanced state. When the energy level is too high, one may
feel scattered or ungrounded. In this case, Reiki would balance the energy
already present in the body, bringing back to a balanced state.

In both cases, Reiki knows what a person needs and can never do harm.

I invite you to contact me clinic today and experience for yourself the benefits of a natural, healing
Reiki Treatment.